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Let´s build together a better society

Be part of the social transformation in Colombia

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Colombia is a Latin American country that has been ranked second worldwide for its biodiversity. 

It has two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

It is among the countries that have the highest number of ecosystems. 

Although we’ve got such natural richness, if you look closer, you’ll see that we are a nation suffering the burden of profound social inequities.

Only 4 out of 10 young people get a chance to access high education,

If we don’t act now the barriers to access education will increase for young people who have to survive with low income jobs, people living under these conditions comprise for more than 60% of all cases.

This is why we need you!

One out of 2 young women will continue suffering due to income inequities and it is very likely that because of this situation at least one out of 5 women under 18 will have to face the challenging burden of teenage pregnancy.

Poverty and the lack of opportunities are the major barrier to achieve education and equality in our country.

And that is why the female Cultural Association was born!

We are a non-profit organization that for the past 55 years has been working to provide opportunities for women in an effort to reduce social inequities.

We have been transforming annually the lives of 2200 girls and their families.

We’ve done so by providing them with various training spaces that encourage them to create a sustainable life project and to be agents of change, closing gaps with financial aid, and higher education opportunities.

We have reached many corners of the country with our social program, JUVENTUS, which shelters girls and women from 12 to 25 years of age, who access scholarships for higher education and develop work and entrepreneurial skills.

JUVENTUS is a hotbed of leadership. We accompany them and help them create a life project that allows them to transform their lives. We strengthen their self-esteem so that they feel that they can. 

We are their voice

we work day by day with the support of hundreds of people like you who to help us close the gap of social and labor inequality that is affecting young women in Colombia.

So that Lucia can change her environment 

so that Angie can fulfill her dreams 

so that Mafe can live protected 

so that Nicole can break the chain of poverty.

That is why we are and we will be until the end. we will not give up. We believe that together we can change everything, they can change everything.

We stand together to build a better life for our girls, for their future, will you stand with us?

How are we doing?


Jose alvarez

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Jose alvarez

USD $50

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